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Japanese zodiac sign calculator

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In Japan, we say "toshi-otoko" for men and "toshi-onna" for women.

Japanese Zodiac Signs and Symbols Chart by Birth Year. View your Japanese Zodiac Calendar for the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep. 12 Zodiac Animals of China & Japan, Juni Shi, Zodiac Calendar, Lunar Calendar, Yin-Yang, Five Elements 8 Buddhist Patrons, 12 Zodiac Signs, & Sanskrit Seeds . The lunar calendar is still used to calculate the equivalent solar date. Learn about the animals of the Japanese zodiac (Juunishi) and whether you share any traits with the animal associated with your birth year.

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Zodiac Chart. Japanese Zodiac Chart. By Animal.

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Those who have it are seen as energetic and open. But they have a problem with punctuality. People with blood type AB combine the features attributed to both A and B, which is why they are considered complicated, unpredictable and eccentric. japanese zodiac sign calculator

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Such division is connected with the Jupiter cycle around the Sun, which lasts about 12 years. Every year is represented by a different zodiac sign and the related characteristics. Japanese zodiac sign calculator are jjapanese 5 elements, known as Celestial Stems water, earth wood, fire, metalwhich change every year, giving a different spiritual colour to a particular sign.

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According to Chinese horoscope, people born under a particular zodiac sign have qualities characteristic of the assigned animals. Rat — it is meticulous, intelligent, clever, ambitious and practical.

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Its vices are obstinacy and vindictiveness. Tiger — its virtues are: Unfortunately, it also tends to be reckless, selfish and impulsive.

Rabbit — it is sensitive, well-mannered, modest and tactful but also shy and prone to hypochondria. Dragon — noble, ambitious and dignified, vigorous and strong but also ruthless, lordly and arrogant.

Snake — characterised by wisdom and empathy, sharp and honourable. Its negative qualities are seriousness and indifference.

Japanese zodiac sign calculator — pleasant, intelligent, independent and cheerful, tends to be restless, fickle and selfish. Goat — the strengths of this sign are: Monkey — it is versatile, witty, intelligent and full of life but also headstrong, conceited and manipulative. Rooster — brave, witty, loyal and hard-working.

Its greatest vices are: Dog — people born under this zodiac sign are honest, loyal and devoted to their loved ones. Caalculator, they can be mean and unpleasant. Pig — very social, honest and funny.

A numerology horoscope assumes assigning the right planet or star to a specific number.