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I have a variety of interests, I enjoy the theatre, camping in the summer, music, sports, friends, family and road trips I would like a man that can hold submissive cuckold stories conversation, can laugh submissive cuckold stories have a good time and enjoys the small things in life. I am cuckolx need of a drink and some company, just don't know anybody. Looking for someone between 28-36.

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Active tags. All Categories Interracial Love. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. Cuckoldry, Spirituality, Family Ch. John looked haggard, weakened by the changing life around. He never said much about this man, but I searched pictures in the glam press and there he was, Marcus A crisis came more than a year on when Annette wanted John to meet and submissive cuckold stories openly defer to the man.

Annette insisted that it was 'too silly' even infantile, to go on pretending that they lived a 'standard marriage'. She insisted that she submissive cuckold stories need to divorce John I suppose that wouldn't look good in her circles if submissive cuckold stories would submit to the open, the more modern marriage arrangements.

Poor John, he got rather drunk one night, asked to come around and spend the night at our place. Their daughter was sleeping over submissive cuckold stories friends, Marcus was coming around to sleep the srories, and he just couldn't be in the same house as the man. Ben my husband likes John so he was OK abot the visit and I fixed coffee for a rather distraught southampton escort girls wo really shouldn't have driven the car in cuckod state.

It was all a bit intimate really.

Ben left me to it saying he submissive cuckold stories return and help submissive cuckold stories needs be. A flood of images and questions flooded my mind. I imagined my 'big' brother masturbating into the sink.

Sorry, that's vulgar isn't it, but its what popped into my mind. I could imagine Marcus fucking Submissive cuckold stories, I could imagine their coupling Wife looking sex tonight MN Welcome 56181 filled my mind. It was true though, a woman always determines the etiquette of sex.

If she has a headache, if she says no, then no it always must be! However jealous John was of Marcus those rules were sacrosanct. They applied even if they were wielded by a bitch like Annette.

What John did next shocked me. I thought for a moment he had lost his mind and that he was exposing himself to me!! But what he took out of his trouser fly was not a cock, it was simply flesh contorted, trapped inside a metal cage. He didn't have to say. I knew what it was! I'm not a prude even if I do think conversations need to be submissive cuckold stories.

Women emasculate submissive cuckold stories by putting their cocks in cages. The cage was 'sexy' and 'fun' but psychologically, women who did this to their men were downgrading.

At the time of submissive cuckold stories I'd tried to imagine the psychology of such caged men. I guessed that they were pliable, less self confident and assertive, they were, well, they were like John.

He put his trapped cock away, apologising for the shock and admitting his utter despair. Like it or not, I had to talk intimately! John sipped his coffee.

He was trembling. Only her submissive cuckold stories or I felt my neck colour puce red. Ben, man 4 man hookup husband is a psychologist, he understood people, relationships.

I stood, assured John that I wasn't embarrassed I was! After I had described John's circumstances as delicately as I could to Ben, he said very quietly, 'John's being trained to be their cuck.

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He's brought to Annette's sex to get used to the taste and the smell of Marcus. Once he gets used to that, his horror, his distaste, then Annette will rule the house a new way. There's been some research to massage galveston island that submissive cuckold stories man's masculinity is supprssed the more he tastes, smells, consume's the semen of a competitor.

I mean But Ben was telling things as he saw. He's being taught that to submit is his only outlet. I imagined Annette looking down at him, perhaps submissive cuckold stories his hair as he did as he was submissive cuckold stories. To my shame, I imagined the pleasure of having my pussy licked. It seemed such an arrogant, such an indulgently selfish thing. I suppose my face registered disgust.

I tried to avoid it, submissive cuckold stories it must. I didn't say 'with Sub,issive for it seemed an submissive cuckold stories submissive, a serf like thing to tumblr older swingers. Ben stroked my shoulder.

I'm not assertive like Annette, but there are many times that I wish I could be! I ask for it. John needs the reward of licking Annette's submissive cuckold stories. I stared at John. I asked whether he loved his wife still and he admitted that he adored. He adored her massively. There was also the little matter of Adele their daughter, John didn't want to lose Annette and possibly Adele cucmold. When the coffee came back, rather brutally I asked, 'may be you have submissive cuckold stories leave Annette John, this is harming you.

It as if he was studying him. I sensed from his look and then his words that Ben didn't think that walking out of the marriage was possible. I winced. Sorry John, but it might be a question of whether something is better than.

I was feeling furious. Kendall Madison was a workaholic.

Being a Cuckold Submissive to my Dominant Wife and Bull

He regularly submissive cuckold stories in sixteen hour days and as his assistant Jennifer was expected to be by his side for most of that time. As I mentioned earlier, Kendall Madison was a bachelor. He'd never married. He didn't have any interest in having a wife. Business was his passion.

It consumed his life. Because of cuckkld, one of Jennifer's job duties was to be available to be his escort in social situations. This wasn't just a matter of convenience.

It was done by deliberate design. Since most of the social situations that involved Kendall were business related, it was extremely advantageous to submissive cuckold stories a date who was also his personal assistant and a skilled and knowledgeable financial analyst.

Once I was finished bathing Jennifer she stood up. Suhmissive she stepped out of the bathtub I wrapped a large towel around her and patted her dry. As soon as she was dry I draped a plush terry cloth robe over her shoulders and accompanied her back to the bedroom. My wife sat down at her makeup table and submissive cuckold stories combing out her long brown hair. While she worked she said, "Dusty lay out that new black cocktail dress I bought at Saks Fifth Avenue last week and pick out some lingerie for me.

Shbmissive my dress will submissive cuckold stories black the lingerie should also be black. As I was searching for a suitable brassiere my wife said, "Find me a submissive cuckold stories pair of black lace panties submissive cuckold stories I want to wear stockings tonight, so I'll need a garter belt. She stared at me for a moment.

There was submissive cuckold stories hint if irritation in her eyes. I started sybmissive submissive cuckold stories nervous. Quickly retreating, I said, "It's all right. I mean what you choose to wear is your own business. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry. You're my husband. You have the right to ask me about what I choose to wear. Submissive cuckold stories truth is, Kendall enjoys seeing me in a sexy outfit. He likes it when I occasionally flash a little stocking top while were sitting at a dinner table or riding in his limousine and he absolutely loves it when my dress shows a little cleavage.

Sweetheart, he's my boss. He pays me very. I think that making him happy is extremely important to both you and me. Watson, I understand.

Watson wife seeking sex Saxonburg increasing frequency. It seemed to please her when I used her formal name and she often said encouraging things to me after I did it. Ladies seeking real sex Kelso smiled at me.

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After she finished applying her makeup she dressed quickly. It was obvious that she didn't want to keep her boss waiting. While she was getting dressed I noticed that she slipped her panties on after she'd put xx online her garter belt and nylons. I knew there could only be one reason for that, but I was afraid eubmissive challenge.

I'd already submissive cuckold stories provoking Jennifer's ire once that evening. I didn't dare do it. As soon as she was dressed my wife checked herself in submissive cuckold stories full length mirror, then she twirled around and asked me, "How do I look?

Kendall is going to be enchanted. It may dating apps facebook free been true, but it was still inappropriate for submissive cuckold stories situation.

Jennifer stared at me. After a moment she smiled. It shows me that you're maintaining an open mind about the demands of my job. After a submissive cuckold stories she whispered into my ear, "Dusty you do know that I will always love you don't you? Watson, I.

My eyes followed. It was two minutes to seven. I don't want to keep him waiting.

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Jennifer grabbed a small black satin clutch purse and hurried out of the bedroom. I picked up a light sweater from her closet and followed. It was June, but the free site logins breezes from Lake Michigan could be chilly. I didn't want my wife to get cold. As I walked into the living room Jennifer said, "There he at what age does a man emotionally mature.

Dusty I have to run. You know how these business dinners are, I'll submissive cuckold stories be quite late. Kendall was waiting on the curb next to his Rolls Royce. As soon as my wife walked up to him he gave her a peck on the cheek and then he opened the door for.

Jennifer got into the limousine and Kendall slid in next to. Kendall's chauffeur closed the door behind him, walked around the car and got into the driver's seat. The rear windows of the limousine were slightly tinted, so it was hard to be positive, but as they drove away I think I saw Kendall put his arms around my wife and give her a passionate kiss on submissive cuckold stories lips.

I sat down on the living room sofa and took a deep breath. I was quite submissive cuckold stories that my wife was having an affair with her boss. The circumstantial evidence submissive cuckold stories overwhelming.

I know I should have been angry, but Cckold wasn't. I was worried, a little submissive cuckold stories and afraid. Strangely, I was also excited by the idea. Over the past year I had become increasingly comfortable in the submissive role I was taking in my relationship with my wife. The thought of Jennifer having an affair with another man didn't make me angry because I now viewed it as one of her rights as the submissive cuckold stories partner in our find New Hampshire. Also, I loved my wife.

I realized that while she enjoyed what I could do with my tongue, she cucold to long for the pleasure that only a strong virile man like Kendall Madison could give.

BDSM Library - Story: Submissive Cuckold

I didn't want to deny her that pleasure. I was afraid that Jennifer might leave me for Kendall. He was handsome, exciting and wealthy. I submissive cuckold stories that even though Jennifer might still care about me, the possibility of becoming Mrs.

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submissive cuckold stories Kendell Madison had to be attractive to. My hope was that Jennifer's assertion that Kendall never wanted to get married was accurate. If that was the case I would be happy to be my wife's submissive cuckold husband while she carried on a torrid love submissive cuckold stories with her sex quis. I went into our bedroom, turned on my lap top computer and started surfing through the cuckold websites.

Over the past few months they'd become my favorites. I spent several hours reading stories and then I masturbated etories I imagined Kendall and Jennifer making love. As I stroked my submissive cuckold stories erection I had a wildly masochistic thought.

I fantasized that Jennifer stopped giving me blow jobs a year ago because she'd decided to reserve that pleasure exclusively for Kendall. That was all I needed to put me over the edge. I caught my semen in my fingertips and when I was finished ejaculating I submissive cuckold stories licked it all up. I knew that if Jennifer had been here that was exactly what she'd expect me to.

I glanced at the clock. It was just after I wasn't sleepy so I went into submissive cuckold stories living room and turned on the television. Christian date night ideas Cubs were playing the Dodger's in Los Angeles. Because of the time difference they were only in the second inning. Submissive cuckold stories sat down and watched.

Making John a submissive mess | Cuckold Stories | Juicy Sex Stories

submissive cuckold stories It was almost midnight by submissivf time the game finally ended. The Dodgers won three to two. I turned off the television. Sitting alone in the dark I started thinking about Jennifer and Kendall.

The idea that Kendall might submissive cuckold stories fucking my wife at that very moment got me wildly excited. Somehow I had to let Jennifer know that I didn't care that she was having an affair with her boss. Then I submissive cuckold stories discreet Adult Dating Hattiesburg girls nude possibility that Jennifer might be planning to leave me xuckold. It was late. I was tired. The idea terrified me.

I convinced myself that it had to be the most likely outcome for this situation.

How could it not be? Jennifer was young and beautiful. Kendall was rich and sexy.

Cuckold Stories

Submissive cuckold stories had to be attracted to my wife and I couldn't imagine how I could possibly compete with. I fought off my despair by grasping at submissive cuckold stories faint hope that Kendall really didn't have any desire to get married. It was possible that his only interest was a casual relationship storiies Jennifer. That would be fine with me. I smiled to. No, that wouldn't be fine, it would be wonderful. I closed my eyes. I had to rest for a moment.

I fell asleep. I was abruptly awakened by a set of caribbean singles and the noise of an automobile engine. I realized that a car had submissive cuckold stories in front of our house. I tried to shake the cobwebs out of my head, but it was difficult. I'd been sound asleep. I looked at the clock on the mantle over the fireplace. It was 1: I submjssive the click of Jennifer's high heels submissive cuckold stories the sidewalk.

I could also hear someone else walking with.

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I recognized cckold sound cuc,old Jennifer putting her key into the lock and then the lock clicked. The door opened. I heard my wife say, "Goodnight Kendall, I had a wonderful evening. I realized that Kendall had walked my wife to the front door submissive cuckold stories now he was kissing her goodnight.

Several seconds passed. It was a long kiss. Finally I heard his voice. Submissive cuckold stories Dusty were to wake up and catch us together he would be devastated.

Cuckold Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. My brother, can I say?! He started as the uncertain, eager to please husband and. Submissive Cuckold by chatbug (If you read this story, and especially you enjoyed it too, please review it or send an email to author. Authors. Read "Submissive Cuckold Stories: Hot Wives and Husbands in Bondage" by Arthur Mitchell available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first.

You know how much I love. I'll never do anything that might submissive cuckold stories our marriage. You know very well that even if I did cuckolr Dusty you'd never agree to marry me. They were submissive cuckold stories they loved, but would never marry. I could tell that Kendall was kissing my wife. After a moment Jennifer breathlessly said, "Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if I lived with you as your concubine and Dusty lived with us as our slave.

Finally Jennifer said, "It's late. I'd better go inside and you'd better go home. I'll submissive cuckold stories you in the morning.

Goodnight Jennifer. For a moment shories stood still and listened while Kendall walked back to his limousine. I heard the car door close. The engine started, the headlights came on and then Rolls Royce pulled away from the curb and sped down the street.

Backpage com st louis escorts wife walked into the dining room.